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ArtUnlimited | Wednesday Society | The Couch of Meret Oppenheim

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This comprehensive book consists of a reconstruction of the article series "Wednesday Society" prepared by Art Unlimited and House of Taswir. The editors of the book, which was published only in English, are A. Shulamit Bruckstein; the founder of the House of Taswir, and Merve Akar Akgün; editor-in-chief of Art Unlimited magazine.


The book, which was created based on the discourses between artists, thinkers, writers and travelers, promises to open new horizons to the readers regarding contemporary art exhibitions, artistic research, visual poetry and psychoanalytic theory. In the book, besides the texts written by S. Bruckstein, the texts by Julia Gyemant, Özgür Öğütcen, Ceren Korulsan, Simone Weil Denkkollektiv, Martina Bengert, Thomas Sojer and Max Walther on artists such as Rebecca Raue, Ali Kaaf, Antonia Baehr, Meret Oppenheim, Rebecca Horn, Steffi Weismann, Shaqayeq Ahmadian, Frédéric Brenner and Walid Raad are included. Also a section about the institutions and individuals who supported the publication of the book is included. 


Wednesday Society takes its name from the world's oldest psychoanalysis society. Based on the Wednesday Psychological Society, known today as The Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, which was founded in 1908 by Sigmund Freud, who was also the president of the group, Shulamit Bruckstein, the founder of the House of Taswir, reversed the idea of ​​this society, which was accepted as the international psychoanalysis authority of the period and consisted only of men. It adopts the idea of ​​a community that builds its content around feminine literature, psychoanalysis and contemporary art.

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