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"Diptychs" - Ahmet Elhan

"Diptychs" - Ahmet Elhan

VAT Included

Published by Evin Art Gallery in 2019, in order to document Ahmet Elhan's “Diptychs” series that he has been working on for many years. The book was published simultaneously with Ahmet Elhan's solo exhibition titled "Diptychs IV" opened at Evin Art Gallery. In the book you'll find "Diptychs I" series in which the artist combines the same landscape from two different angles, Fırat Arapoğlu's text, "Diptychs II" series in which Elhan's mirrored images come together, Osman Nuri İyem's comprehensive text titled “Ahmet Elhan's Dilemmas" in which he deals with the artist's entire corpus with a genealogical analysis, "Diptychs III" series, in which creates a three-dimensional feeling and emphasizes the different perspectives of the eye and finally the "Diptychs IV" series in which images from nature combine with the lines of frosted glass.


Editor: Emir Benli

Graphic Design: Gizem Kâhya İyem

Installation Photos: Osman Nuri İyem

Translation: Emir Benli

Evin Art Gallery: Ümit İyem, Osman Nuri İyem, Ece Balcıoğlu, Cem Ergül, Gül Demirdağ, Hatice Gülseroğlu

Printing: Saraçoğlu Printing House

First Edition: 500 Pieces


Istanbul, 2019

  • Sizes

    23,5x16,5 cm

  • Cover


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