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Temür Köran

19.04 - 28.05.2022

Temür Köran, with his 22nd solo exhibition opened in our gallery titled "Ambiguous"; focuses on reflecting the shuddery that appears behind the beautiful and ambiguous emotions that various global crises such as the pandemic causes. He depicts figures in abstracted spaces created by colorful layers.

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"While the blurred black & white figures on a fragile ground or in a completely obscure space show people whose future is unknown, we can see -even in the face of the strangest and most brutal problems- the vitality of survival and life in colorful areas."

İlkay Canan Okkalı

The word "ambiguous" means difficult to understand, incomprehensible, intricate, confused. It is a word that reflects the uncertainty of the pandemic that has been going on for two years and the feeling of a process that is difficult to understand. The artist used people and objects from his close circle as models while putting the painting into practice on an abstract plane, based on his feelings on concepts such as war, pandemic and migration that greatly affect humanity.

Painting is a surface of color and form before anything else and before it tells a story. Color, line, light-dark, pattern, movement, rhythm, harmony are all the elements that make up the plastic language of the painting. Transparent layers and color are indispensable elements in Temür Köran's paintings. Using the intensity of the color chroma as the carrier element of the painting, he created the plastic language of his painting with light-dark, rhythm and movement. He used plain surface of the background as a colour in the composition. He continued to use color as a layered visual element together with geometric forms. The first thing that draws attention in his paintings is these colorful layers that create an abstract space effect.

İlkay Canan Okkalı

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About Temür Köran (1960)

Born in 1960 in Siverek, Temür Köran graduated from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department Devrim Erbil Workshop in 1986 and obtained his Qualifications in Art from the Department of Painting at the same university in 1996. His first solo exhibition was opened at the Yonca Modern Art Gallery in 1989. In the 90s, he went to America for a while and continued his practice at his atelier in Seattle. The artist, who has been working with the Evin Art Gallery since 1997, has opened twenty-two solo exhibitions in various galleries. His works have been exhibited in many group exhibitions at home and abroad throughout his art career. He participated in the ARTIST Istanbul Art Fair organized annually by TÜYAP between 1997 and 2019. Köran's works have been included in many important private and corporate collections, as well as in the permanent collections of museums such as the Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture and Istanbul Modern. In 2001, his first artist book was published by Evin Art Gallery. Köran continues his practice in his atelier in Istanbul.

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