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Brave New World, Anew

Group Exhibition

21.03 - 29.04.2023

Curated by Osman Nuri İyem; "Brave New World, Anew" exhibition consists of longitudinal works by the artists who have been represented by, worked with or collaborated with the gallery. The exhibition contains works by Rahmi Aksungur, Setenay Alpsoy, Tuğçe Arıöz, Ahmet Elhan, Neş'e Erdok, Kader Genç, Hakan Gürsoytrak, Nasip İyem, Nuri İyem, Işıl Şimşek, Temür Köran, Emin Turan and Devin Oktar Yalkın.

CNGZ1317 - CO-edit.jpg

The conceptual framework depicts our world, which is stirring with rising pressures and emerging crises as the "Brave New World, Anew" while disregarding any claim to represent Huxley's novel in a curatorial sense. The exhibition strives to conserve the fine arts which was "sacrificed" both in fiction and reality. According to İyem, real art understands, interprets and does not shy away from responsibilities while persisting to evoke emotion: it takes the hard road of not accusing while being accountable

With Foucault’s article “Discursive Formations” in mind, the past 25 years and the future of Evin Art Gallery are examined utilizing the window the exhibition opens. Artists’ past and current works are displayed in unison, further featuring the evolution of their practice and forming of discourses.

"The works included in the exhibition are ink blots from the productions of the artists represented by the gallery, with whom the gallery has worked over the years and established new partnerships. In order to address the artists' own evolution and discursive formations, we have made sure to include both the works that each of them produced in their own past and their more current works, so that we do not miss the discursive unity decoupled between the text and the exhibition. In order to understand their evolutionary processes, we preferred examples that highlight the plastic elements that artists are increasingly turning to between the selected early works and current works, both when looking for linguistic unity and in order to decipher the evolution of personal tendencies."

Osman Nuri İyem

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About Osman Nuri İyem (1987)

Curator Osman Nuri İyem graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Cinema and Television Department after studying film at FAMU and film and photography at the University of Miami. After completing his higher education at the University of Kent Department of Film, organized and partook as an artist in many interdisciplinary exhibitions with Taseron Independent Art Initiative, where he is a co-founder. Internalizing a multidisciplinary approach, Iyem assumed the role of creative director of Evin Art Gallery between 2018-2022 where he continues as a gallerist while continuing his film and photography practice.

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