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Devin Oktar Yalkın

Image by Patrik Velich

Minimal black and white elements with intense contrast come together in a striking style in Devin Oktar Yalkın's photographs where he transforms a mood, subject, or scene into a mystical image. He encourages the viewer to ask questions through his work rather than providing them with the answers they seek. Distancing himself from his routine perception of time and space, he tries to capture situations and events with raw energy. He avoids manipulating the photographs aside from basic edits. One of his outstanding series "Nemesis" consists of photographs where he tries to convey the faint remains of dreams through imagery. Consisting of editorial photos of important people, his series "Portraits" depicts the reality of his subjects in an original style, trying to understand these people.

Born and raised in New York City in 1981, Devin Oktar Yalkin graduated from the School of Visual Arts Photography Department in 2010. The first monograph of Yalkin, who has worked with many magazines such as the New York Times, Time, Vice, and Rolling Stone "I'll See You Tomorrow Until I Can't", was published by Sun Editions in 2016. Yalkin's black-and-white photographs have been featured in various group exhibitions and fairs in the USA, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and many other countries. After participating in the “Close Range” exhibition opened at Istanbul Modern in 2013, the artist's works included in this exhibition were also included in the permanent collection of the museum. After his first solo exhibition in Turkey, which was opened at the Evin Art Gallery in 2022, the gallery began to represent Yalkin in Turkey. Yalkin lives in Los Angeles and continues her practices.

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