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Kader Genç

Image by Patrik Velich

Kader Genç approaches darkness and gloom with an aesthetic consciousness. In his recent paintings, he looks into himself and rather than covering up his fears and nightmares uses them as materials. By expressing his subjective darkness with his art, he confronts the viewer with themselves and the wounds of reality. The artist, who portrays the degenerate modern society and the domination of the collapsed system over humanity with a critical approach, often uses animals, plants, and objects in symbolic references. The elements he uses in his compositions become subjective according to their distributed roles, adopting a bold, uncensored, and far-from-beautifying style. Just like life itself, he uses a color palette in which light and darkness are intertwined.

Born in Bursa in 1987, Kader Genç graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department atelier number 3 in 2010. In 2011, his first solo exhibition titled ”First Paintings" was opened at Doruk Art Gallery. After that, five more solo exhibitions were opened at Karşı Art Studies, Akademililer Art Center, and Artsürem Gallery. His paintings have been included in important private and corporate collections. In 2022, he started working with Evin Art Gallery. The artist continues his practice in his atelier in Istanbul.

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